Guitar Pics

Guitar pics.  We stock a wide selection of Guitar Picks.   You can buy single picks and you can buy packs of picks.  We have picks for .10 cents each, .20 cents each, a quarter each, two for a dollar picks, and picks that cost $1 each.  We also have specialty Picks, Jazz picks, and metal picks.  We have picks for Ukulele too.   We have a lot of picks actually.

guitar pics guitar picks

We have been selling guitar pics at our store for 18 years in the same location.  We have more guitar pics available than any other music teaching facility in South Orange County.  Plus we are open 7 days a week and we have easy parking.  Corner of Del Prado and Golden Lantern in the Stillwater building.  This building is over 100 years old and is made of solid cedar and cinder block.  Come visit us during normal business hours.