Repair.  Musical instrument repair.  Dana Point Music has a pretty good instrument repair department.  Jay, Dan, Brian, and even Jordie working and repairing your stuff!   Guitars, violins, violas, cellos, ukuleles, mandolins, bass guitars, flutes, odd instruments too.   We also have a wide selection of strings as well.    We can fix broken tuners, bridges, saddles, nuts, strings, bows, and more.  One day turn around on most instruments too.  Easy parking.  Open 7 days a week.  Till 8pm during the week.   

Musical instrument repair



We have been repairing musical instruments for 18 years in the same location.  We can fix your broken bow, broken bridge, broken saddle, broken string, broken tuner, and so mush more.  Plus we are open 7 days a week and we have easy parking.  Corner of Del Prado and Golden Lantern in the Stillwater building.  This building is over 100 years old and is made of solid cedar and cinder block.  Come visit us during normal business hours.